Lionel Arthur George Prichard

The Practice was founded by Lionel Arthur George Prichard, who read Architecture at Liverpool University. He graduated with a First Class Degree in 1921 and soon after established the Practice of Lionel A.G. Prichard.

Lionel's career flourished during the 1920's with commissions for Art Deco/Classical picture houses across the North West. The Crosby Plaza Cinema and Woolton Picture house are two much loved cinemas still standing today. Both are rare, single screen cinemas with authentic atmosphere and great importance to the city of Liverpool.



Francis Leo Prichard followed  in his father's footsteps  (Lionel) qualifying as an Architect and  a Town Planner immediately after the war ended.            

Building upon the reputation Lionel created, Francis became one of four selected Architects working for Cardinal John Heenan, Archbishop of Liverpool and Westminister. 

Originally, Francis intended  to finish the Metropolitan Cathedral after the war, but instead he designed Parishes in new emerging towns, in what was to be referred to as: "Building the Cathedral for the People".

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Lionel Arthur George Prichard

The Practice is now led by Jonathon Simon Prichard, who qualified in 1982 and joined the Practice when his father retired in 1990. In recent years he has developed a flair for development. 

He was joined by Darren Brittles in 2018, now partnering director of LAGP. 

The Practice today maintains the traditional values established by its founder 99 years ago and prides itself on it's history.